Generational Challenge: Keeping Pace with the Ever-Morphing Prospect Experience

A universal approach is tidy. It makes sense for things like bulk scheduling, distributing goods and for national coffee outlets that want your latte to taste the same in St. Louis as it does in Seattle. But when catering to the varying preferences within each generation of renters, the one-size-fits-all approach generally leaves something to be desired.

For the first time in the apartment world, four distinct generations constitute a significant portion of the renter baseā€”Gen Z, millennials, Gen X and baby boomers. And while each generation has their signature tendencies, it’s not as easy as saying “all boomers avoid technology” or “all Gen Z renters prefer digital communication.”

As properties clamor to meet prospects in their comfort zone, an often-overlooked component is that of generational preferences. To be fair, the industry hasn’t purely disregarded the topic, as it readily acknowledges that the types of communication preferences might vary between the four generations. But a blanket approach won’t work, even if it’s a separate approach for each generation, because of the nuances within each.

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