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Multifamily Real Estate Investment Group

CAPREIT Blends High-Touch Property Management Services with the Latest Proptech Innovations to Deliver a Superior Living Experience

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Our Values


We take joy in nurturing genuine and thoughtful relationships with all stakeholders. Whether you are an owner, lender, resident, vendor, or employee, we treat you with the utmost respect. To us, you are family.


Each member of our team takes full responsibility for delivering results that contribute to the success of all stakeholders.


Open and frequent communication leads to meaningful and lasting relationships with stakeholders. We welcome distinct perspectives that spark new ideas as a way to build a more connected organization.


We steer towards excellence by continuously integrating innovation within our proven systems. We incubate new ideas as we strive to do things better than we did yesterday.


We hold true to our integrity by exercising full transparency, a strong ethical framework, complete honesty, and virtuous guiding principles. As a business, we are committed to ensuring that our values are upheld.

CAPREIT’s Social Commitment

Our mission is to drive a positive impact for all of our stakeholders—employees, investors, residents, vendor partners, and the outside world. CAPREIT employees work collaboratively to ensure that all actions taken at the community level, as well as in our corporate offices, advance sustainable, long-term growth for our world.


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