Corporate Social Commitment

Giving back to our communities

Our mission is to drive a positive impact for all of our stakeholders—
employees, investors, residents, vendor partners, and the outside world. CAPREIT employees collectively ensure that all actions taken at the community level as well as in our corporate offices forge ahead sustainable, long-term growth for the multifamily housing industry and our world.

Our Commitments

The Environment

CAPREIT has an ambitious strategy to systematically shift towards sustainable living environments. To that end, company employees at all levels are instructed that actions must be taken within the prism of promoting a better world. For example, CAPREIT enacts water conservation policies at all communities, institutes paperless work initiatives, and installs environmentally-friendly lighting across the portfolio and office environments.


Exceptional governance is the hallmark of the CAPREIT corporate legacy. CAPREIT’s leadership enacts and adheres to policies that ensure the company serves its stakeholders responsibly and acts with the utmost integrity. We demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the quality of life of our residents and employee/stakeholder satisfaction through resident engagement practices and social responsibility support services that are tailored to each property. 


CAPREIT seeks to treat all people with the highest degree of respect and care. CAPREIT made extensive renovations to our corporate headquarters, recently awarded the WELL certification, signifying a built environment that positively impacts human health and wellbeing. Further, CAPREIT has an annual Employee Mental Health Day, a company-wide holiday that recognizes that employees need time off from work to relieve stress and prevent burnout.

Our Volunteer Initiatives


Giving back to our world

Our CAPREIT Cares program is designed to make a positive change in our communities and the outside world. CAPREIT employs a variety of methods to maximize positive social change. For example, CAPREIT routinely supports local and national nonprofits and advocacy agencies to foster their on-the-ground efforts. Additionally, the company annually hosts company-wide initiatives like Good Deeds Day, and FAN (Friends and Neighbors) Day, in which CAPREIT employees work together to effect positive change in our communities.

CAPREIT is committed to our communities and cares for those residing within them and beyond!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility measures stem from four primary pillars. These include:

  • Economic Impact
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Ethical Practices
  • Philanthropic Engagement

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our diversity mission is to embrace and foster an inclusive workplace. Our commitment is to expand awareness by understanding and celebrating differences. This mission aims to create self-awareness, dispel stereotypes, and spotlight individuals who champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CAPREIT believes in a world that is inclusive in its approach and where equal opportunities and equitable outcomes exist for all. CAPREIT is committed to developing and supporting a robustly diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, where all team members create and feel a sense of belonging. At CAPREIT, we celebrate our differences.

CAPREIT is WELL Certified™ at the Gold level

CAPREIT is WELL Certified™ at the Gold level. The WELL Core Certification exemplifies CAPREIT’s dedication to its employees, the highest pinnacle of achievement of strategies across all 10 WELL concepts for core and shell commercial buildings. Locations pursuing WELL Core Certification earn points based on performance outcomes for various policy, design, and operational strategies. Our features include access to clean air and water, optimized lighting, a wellness room, bicycle storage, a fitness center, and sustainable materials, to name a few. Tenants in a WELL Certified Core building will feel confident that the class-A real estate space was designed with their health and well-being top of mind.

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