How to Build Your Tech Stack

Your technology stack is what drives the work within your organization. As companies mature, more technology, applications, programs, and hardware creep into an organization. With the abundance of innovation in the multifamily space, it can be difficult to determine which budding technologies qualify as a solid fit for an organization.

While it can be tempting to add all of them, many operators have learned through trial and error that a more measured approach is required when building a tech stack. At the outset, the primary questions to ask are what impacts the tech will have on your team, on residents, and from a corporate perspective. These questions can be: Does it work as imagined? And does it make things easier, better, faster, or less expensive?

Essentially, you don’t want to inundate your team with anything that is potentially disruptive. You don’t want to provide residents with something that doesn’t add value to their experience. And any tech implementations also have to pencil out from a corporate perspective.

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