CAPREIT Announces Multitude of Leadership Promotions

CAPREIT, a fully integrated real estate operating company responsible for the ownership and management of more than $5 billion of multifamily assets, today announced several leadership promotions, including the progress of Andrew Kadish from President to Chief Executive Officer. 

Kadish had served as President since 2015.  Jennifer Kadish Cassell, CAPREIT’s Chief Administrative Officer, will become CAPREIT’s new President.  Kadish and Cassell, whose father, Dick Kadish, launched the company in 1993, see this advancement as a symbol of generational progress, as many longtime CAPREIT executives move up in the ranks. 

“We are blessed not only to have a wonderful organization, but one that has exhibited stability for the long haul,” Andrew Kadish said. “Naturally, the steadiness is driven by our loyal associates, who have helped transform the company from a new player in the space in the mid-1990s to the highly reputable entity that it is today. The stability is enabling us to enter the next phase in the evolution of the company, which will include exploring additional verticals in the real estate market.”

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