Leadership of CAPREIT
Comfortable clubhouse interior at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
A spacious clubhouse at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
Main bedroom at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
Living room at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
Comfortable couch at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
Beautiful clubhouse at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland

Our Work

CAPREIT owns and manages multifamily apartment communities across the nation. With executive offices in suburban Washington D.C. and Center City Philadelphia, CAPREIT’s leaders bring decades of experience to their communities. Our team members are property and asset management experts in market rate, tax credit, and tax-exempt bond communities. CAPREIT’s management team ensures success by emphasizing three priorities:

  • Satisfy and retain our residents through superior product and service
  • Enhance, preserve, and maintain our assets
  • Maximize NOI through revenue management enhancement and cost containment

Tech-Driven Results

CAPREIT pairs its time-tested policies and practices with state-of-the-art technology to deliver stellar results to our partners. We maximize leads, grow rents, manage costs, and protect your assets by using systems that provide real-time visibility. These systems include:

Yieldstar Revenue Management
Mobile Inspection Technology
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Leading Advertising Sources
Lead Automation
Resident Survey Program
Reputation Management
Online Leasing

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Our Exceptional Service

Our team focuses on being accessible and approachable. Our customers and partners know they can come to us. We provide close attention to the individual owner’s needs to guarantee success.


Experience You Can Trust


We have proven ourselves to be a trusted leader in the multifamily real estate industry. CAPREIT is a trusted leader in the multifamily real estate industry with a successful track record and valued partners.

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Woman and man shaking hands at CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland
Target markets for CAPREIT

Our Target Markets

At CAPREIT, our target markets include those that show growth in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Population
  • Household Formation and Construction
Our acquisition process at CAPREIT

Our Acquisition Process

CAPREIT’s acquisition officers create detailed improvement strategies that address:

  • Apartment Interiors
  • Exteriors
  • Common Areas

Investment Strategies

CAPREIT's investment strategy concentrates on specific markets and metropolitan areas that show strong demand for multifamily housing in the continental United States.

Experience that Counts

CAPREIT’s extensive experience in multifamily renovation and construction empowers our team to make realistic, cost-effective plans for improvements and create accurate projections for incremental rent increases. Our successful track record has earned the trust and respect of the most highly regarded names in the industry.

To learn more about our acquisition services, contact our team.

Property Management Strategy

At CAPREIT, we use an aggressive and effective property management strategy designed to provide our partners with an unparalleled level of financial success. Our portfolio of market-rate, affordable, and senior housing communities extends across the U.S., with the strength of a regional support system that allows for exceptional, attentive customer care and service. CAPREIT’s well-respected, long-standing track record attracts highly qualified residents, employees, and vendors.

Years of Industry Experience

CAPREIT understands experience is the No. 1 valued trait in the real estate industry. Our leaders bring years of experience to their communities and offer expertise in market-rate and affordable housing property management and asset management.

An Effective Approach

We take the team approach to property management to make certain that each of our partners benefits from our years of experience and attentive service. We assign senior team members to oversee each asset while onsite team members make timely, responsible decisions that ensure resident satisfaction.

Proactive Attitude

Each of our team members works proactively to go above and beyond our clients’ and partners’ financial expectations. We aggressively market each asset, provide exceptional service, establish meaningful relationships with local housing offices, and diligently monitor rental rates and expenses to accomplish this goal.

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Asset Management

CAPREIT provides trusted asset management services to more than 15,000 apartment homes, on top of managing our own expansive portfolio of communities. Our management services include offering oversight on finance, legal, construction, insurance, tax, property management, and disposition matters.

Woman working with a client of CAPREIT in Bethesda, Maryland