Property Management at CAPREIT

Property Management Strategy at CAPREIT

At CAPREIT, we use an aggressive and effective property management strategy designed to provide our partners with an unparalleled level of financial success. Our portfolio of market-rate, affordable, and senior housing communities extends across the U.S., with the strength of a regional support system that allows for exceptional, attentive customer care and service. CAPREIT’s well-respected, long-standing track record attracts highly qualified residents, employees, and vendors.

Property management at CAPREIT

Years of Industry Experience

CAPREIT understands experience is the No. 1 valued trait in the real estate industry. Our leaders bring years of experience to their communities and offer expertise in market-rate and affordable housing property management and asset management.

An Effective Approach

We take the team approach to property management to make certain that each of our partners benefits from our years of experience and attentive service. We assign senior team members to oversee each asset, while onsite team members are there to make timely, responsible decisions that ensure resident satisfaction.

Proactive Attitude

Each of our team members works proactively to go above and beyond our clients’ and partners’ financial expectations. We aggressively market each asset, provide exceptional service, establish meaningful relationships with local housing offices, and diligently monitor rental rates and expenses to accomplish this goal.

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