Conference at CAPREIT in Rockville, Maryland
Agents of Change National Managers Conference hosted by CAPREIT in Rockville, Maryland

National Managers' Conference

Agents of Change is about the role that each of us plays in making our work, our team, and our company outstanding. Just as each drop of water in a puddle creates ripples outward, so too can our own actions. Each of these small acts build upon the ones before it, and leads to bigger and better results.

Agents of Change is not about promoting change for the sake of change. It instead focuses on how we can each make a difference every moment of every day.

When: May 2021
Where: Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside
What to expect this year:

  • Relaxing Massages
  • CAPREIT Royale - Annual Awards
  • Monday Night Out at Disney Springs
  • Vendor Fair & Networking
  • Great Company with Your CAPREIT Family!
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CAPREIT's National Managers' Conference 2019